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Samsung TV Price in Nepal (August 2020)

Christina Christina Follow Aug 01, 2020 · 4 mins read
Samsung TV Price in Nepal (August 2020)
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Just like smartphones took over to the featured phones, Smart TV’s are now prevailing in the world. It hasn’t been more that we all used to gather to watch a TV show in which the TV used to have a big back for a cathode ray. Now TV’s have evolved by a very much. Starting from CRT, it has seen a lot of changes. CRT, LCD, LED, OLED are some of the TV’s technology.

While we talk about the TV brand, Samsung comes first and is one of the most reputed brands in the world. Samsung has been endeavoring to quite a lot of technologies to make their TV better in time and also offering a lot of discounts on their popular TVs. Samsung offers several kinds of TVs like standard LED, Smart TV with various screen sizes, OLED, Curved to name a few. Samsung is one of the most popular TV brands in Nepal as well. In this list, we have compiled the latest price of Samsung TV’s available in Nepal. This is the latest and updated list of Samsung TV in Nepal.

Samsung Premium Ultra-HD TV

As the name suggests, it is the most technologically advanced lineup in Samsung TV. This is also the most expensive Samsung TV available in Nepal. This list has only one TV and the price of Samsung Premium Ultra-HD TV in Nepal is almost 7 lakhs. But don’t worry Samsung is offering a huge discount on this TV.

Samsung Ultra HD Premium TV in Nepal

Model Size Resolution Price Offer Price
UA75NU8000KXHE 75″ Ultra-HD (4K) Rs 699,990 Rs 4,69,990

Samsung QLED TV

QLED stands for Quantum Light Emitting Diode and they are the most energy-efficient TVs with spectacular picture quality. They have support for HDR 2000 content and have an outstanding contrast. QLED TVs are also the most durable ones and there are almost 5 models of these TV available in Nepal.

Samsung QLED TV Price in Nepal

Model Size Resolution Price Offer Price
QA55Q7FNARXHE 55″ Ultra HD Rs. 5,29,990 Rs. 3,75,000
QA55Q60RARXHE 55″ Ultra-HD Rs. 3,10,990 Rs. 2,12,990
QA65Q60RARXHE 65″ Ultra HD Rs. 3,99,990 Rs. 3,25,490
QA65Q70RARXHE 65″ Ultra HD Rs. 7,89,990 Rs. 4,00,00
QA65Q7FNARXHE 65″ Ultra HD Rs. 7,89,990 Rs. 5,75,000

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Samsung UHD TV

Samsung Ultra High Definition TV or 4K is a very popular Samsung TVs. The price range of this TV starts from also 80 thousand and reaches up to 4 lakhs 50 thousand. All these TV support 4K content and have great brightness.

Samsung Ultra HD TV Price in Nepal

Model Size Resolution Original Price Offer Price
UA43NU7100RSHE 43″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,10,690 Rs. 81,990
UA43RU7100RSHE 43″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,10,690 Rs. 83,990
UA49NU7100RSHE 49″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,68,990 Rs. 99,990
UA49RU7100RSHE 49″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,68,990 Rs. 1,05,990
UA55NU7100RSHE 55″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,83,990 Rs. 1,12,590
UA55RU7100RSHE 55″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,83,990 Rs. 1,14,990
UA65NU7100RSHE 65″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 2,89,990 Rs. 1,99,990
UA65RU7100RSHE 65″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 2,89,990 Rs. 2,10,990
UA75RU7100RSHE 75″ 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 5,29,990 Rs. 4,50,990

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Samsung LED TV 

These are the affordable TVs from Samsung. The HD and Full HD TVs are some of the most bought TVs in Nepal as they offer great worth and features and moderate prices particularly the 32 inches and 43″ screen size.

Samsung LED TV Price in Nepal

Model Size Resolution Original Price Offer Price
UA24H4003ARSHE 24″ HD Ready Rs. 24, 490 Rs. 19,500
UA32N4003RSHE 32″ HD Ready Rs. 37,190 Rs. 28,990
UA32N4000ARSHE 32″ HD Ready Rs. 41,990 Rs. 28,890
UA32N4300ARSHE 32″ HD Ready Rs. 56,990 Rs. 39,500
UA40N5000ARSHE 40″ Full-HD Rs. 70,390 Rs. 47,990
UA43N5300ARSHE 43″ Full-HD Rs. 86,990 Rs. 57,500
UA49N5300ARSHE 49″ Full-HD Rs. 1,27,990 Rs. 84,990

Buying Samsung TV in Nepal

Samsung sells TV officially from its Samsung Digital Plazas which has a showroom all over the nation and you can clear any doubt about Samsung TV. Just visit the official store or reach them.

1. Durbarmarg - 01-4230378/4230382
2. Civil Mall - 01-4252281
3. Baneshwor - 01-4781911
4. Bhaktapur - 01-6619102
5. Pulchowk - 01-5555686
6. Nayabazar - 01-4383500
7. Boudha - 01-4493388
8. Electronics Plaza (Kumaripati) - 01-5553742
9. Trimurti Radio and Watch (Narayanghat) - 056-571491
10. Nagarjun Trading House (Pokhara) - 061-532187
11. Manakamana Electronics (Nepalgunj) - 081-411066
12. Mahendra Ratna Store (Birtamode) - 023-543301
13. Kritima Electronics (Dharan) - 9852045080/9842025187
14. Bhagawati Multi Suppliers (Butwal) - 9857016099

You can just directly message them on their official facebook page.

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