Price of Latest NTC Data Packs

Christina Christina Follow Jun 09, 2020 · 5 mins read
Price of Latest NTC Data Packs
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Nepal Telecom brings new data and voice packs every three months. This time NTC has made public the Winter Offer with various packages. Telecom has brought a new package with additional facilities in the services under the previously available Autumn offer. Available offers can be used on GSM prepaid/postpaid and CDMA prepaid/postpaid mobiles.

There are different types of data packages available for the NTC users right now. The offers are targeted to individuals with different choices and the best fit for them. Let’s discover the latest data pack from NTC.

  • All Time Data Pack
  • Day Data Pack
  • Night Data Pack
  • Social Media Pack
  • YouTube (Streaming) Data Pack
  • Postpaid Pack
  • 1 GB Per Day Data Pack
  • Big Data Pack
  • Unlimited Data Pack
  • 4G Data Pack

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All-Time Data Pack

Packs ranging from Rs. 15 to Rs. 700 are available under the All-Time Data Pack. Under this, packages ranging from 60MB to 14,000MB can be purchased. Its duration ranges from 1 day to 28 days.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
15 60MB 1 day
25 250MB 1 day
60 300MB 7 days
100 700MB 7 days
260 2000MB 28 days
500 6000MB 28 days
700 14000MB 28 days

Day Data Pack

200MB of data is available for Rs. 15 under the Day Data Pack which can be used from 6 am to 6 pm. Also, 80 MB of data can be used for Rs 10. The data should be used within 24 hours of purchase.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
10 80 MB 24 hours
15 200 MB 24 hours

Night Data Pack

Telecom has made it possible to buy 400 MB of data for Rs 12 under the Night Data Pack which can be used from 11 pm to 6 am. The Unlimited Night Data Pack is also available at Rs 18 per night and Rs 90 for 7 nights.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
12 400 MB 1 night

Social Media Pack

Under the social media pack, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter will be available. Under this, 70 MB data will be available for 1 day at Rs 10, 250 MB data for 3 days at Rs 35, and 600 MB data for 7 days at Rs 65.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
10 70MB 1 day
35 250MB 3 days
65 600MB 7 days

YouTube (Streaming) Data Pack

This is available for streaming video services like YouTube. The validity of YouTube pack is 1 day, 3 days, and 7 days. These packs can be purchased at Rs 15, Rs 30 and Rs 60 respectively. For this, the data volume is 300, 650, and 1,400 MB respectively.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
15 300MB 1 day
30 650MB 3 days
60 1400MB 7 days

Postpaid pack

A variety of packs are being made available for GSM postpaid and now a new pack of Rs 300 has been added. Under this, 620 minutes of voice or 3,000 MB of data can be taken.

NTC Postpaid Pack Price (Rs.) Validity
300 Postpaid Pack 300 30 days
500 Postpaid Pack 500 30 days
800 Postpaid Pack 800 30 days
1200 Postpaid Pack 1200 30 days

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1 GB Per Day Pack

There are altogether three types of packs in this data pack. The first one is for 1 day, next for 7 days and the other one is available for 28 days.

Price (Rs) Data Validity  
45 1 GB 1 day 1D1G
250 7 GB 7 days 7D7G
850 28 GB 28 days 28D28G

Big Data Pack

The company has also provided Big Data Pack as a new pack. Under this, 30 GB for 90 days can be purchased for Rs 1,600 and 60 GB for 180 days for Rs 3,000.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
1600 30GB 90 days
3000 60GB 180 days

Unlimited Data Pack

In this pack, you can browse unlimited data for a certain period of time. There is the day, night, and weekly night unlimited data package.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
18 Unlimited 1 night
20 Unlimited Data, Voice and SMS 1 hour
90 Unlimited 7 nights

4G Data Pack

4G data pack is available for the 4G network only. This service is offered as a promotional package after NTC launched 4G in all districts of Nepal.

Price (Rs) Data Validity
25 400MB 1 day
100 1000MB 7 days
240 3GB 28 days

These offers are available to all NTC customers until further notice. Not only that, the customer who downloads the Nepal Telecom app for the first time will also be provided a 100 MB data volume bonus. You can dial *1415# to use the mentioned package.

However, you can also get information and purchase services from the company’s app Nepal Telecom App. Information is also available on the company’s website.

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