iPhone 12 - Rumors, Price and Details

Christina Christina Follow Jun 10, 2020 · 5 mins read
iPhone 12 - Rumors, Price and Details
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Apple fans are now excitingly waiting for the upcoming iPhone 12. iPhone 12 is expected to come with quite a few new features and we have all rumors and information about the iPhone here 12 together for you. Apple’s smartphone series is one of the most popular in the world and the iPhone 11 series is also celebrated by fans. With the iPhone 12, some changes and innovations compared to the current flagship model are expected.

iPhone 12 Details

According to current rumors, Apple is releasing four different models of the iPhone 12. These then differ from each other primarily in terms of their size, the display, and the cameras. While two smaller versions with double cameras are supposed to launch. Joining these two models, there will be two other iPhone 12 with a triple camera that would also be additionally equipped with 5G compatibility. The former would then only have a 60Hz display. The large versions come with 120Hz.

iPhone 12: Display and Design

 iPhone 12 Display
This is what iPhone 12 Looks Like

In terms of design, however, Apple seems to have orientated itself on an old friend in all smartphone variants: the iPhone 5s. Instead of rounded edges, Apple could again focus on clearer corners and bring the former design into the modern age with a few other adjustments. Initial information from industry insider Max Weinbach indicated in the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel to take the first pictures of the devices. However, this is a visualization of the website and not the official design of Apple itself.

iPhone 12: A14 chip with significantly more power?

According to the newest reports, the chips used in the 5G models of the iPhone 12 series should set new standards in performance and consumption. As Phonearena reports, Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC is expected to begin producing 5nm chipsets for the A14.

For your information, the lower the nm value in the chipsets, the higher the number of transistors that can be accommodated in the chips. A high number of transistors means that the chipsets not only have higher performance but also lower energy consumption. For comparison: The SoC that A13 Bionic used in the 2019 iPhone 11 was produced with 7 nm, which gives a total of 8.5 billion transistors on the chip. With the 5nm production method, there could be up to 15 billion transistors on the chip. This corresponds to an increase in the memory chip density by a total of 84 percent, which would mean a significantly higher operating speed for the A14.

Technology in the iPhone 12

What’s under the hood of the iPhone 12 is currently still unsure. There have been rumors about the “3D Sensing System” and the “Motion Control” system in the new iPhones. In addition, the expert believes that the cameras will be expanded by another sensor. Then the iPhone 12 could appear with a 3D time-of-flight sensor that can better capture depth.

 iPhone 12 Camera
iPhone 12 Camera

Some sources believe that the iPhone 12 will have a 120 Hertz screen, touch ID in the display, and a USB-C connection. In addition, it is speculated that Apple is avoiding the large Notch in the display and is opting for a smaller version and also wants to orientate itself again in terms of design on the earlier iPhone models. Until the first official pictures of the iPhone 12 are available, however, these are only ideas and analyzes by the experts. There is broad agreement among industry experts that the new iPhones will support the next 5G mobile communications standard.

In order to be able to light the possible 120Hz screen for hours, experts are currently assuming that a battery with at least 4,000 mAh would be available on the iPhone 12. The Max variant, the largest version of the device, could even use a 4,400 mAh battery.

iPhone 12: All about iOS 14

The new generation of the iPhone comes standard with the latest iOS version. Of course, Apple also wants to equip the big update of the operating system with new features that make life easier for users. In addition to some fitness improvements for the iPhone, iOS 14 will also bring a new home screen, which ironically has looked at some features of Android.

iPhone 12: Price and Release Date

Apple recently launched much cheaper iPhone SE 2020 and this was a really a bold step taken by the company.

Variants iPhone 12 Price Price in Nepal (Expected)
iPhone 12 5.4” (5G + OLED + double camera) $649 Rs. 95,000
iPhone 12 6.1” (5G + OLED + double camera) $749 Rs. 105,000
iPhone 12 6.1” (triple camera and lidar sensor) $999 Rs. 135,000
iPhone 12 6.7” (triple camera and lidar sensor) $1099 Rs. 145,000

Don’t forget to check the latest price list of iPhones in Nepal as well.

In fact, it was previously expected that the iPhone 12 would be introduced between September and October 2020, as was the case with the previous models. Apple traditionally unveiled the new iPhones in mid-September as part of a big keynote, with the devices usually going on sale two to four weeks later.

According to the reports, the release of the new iPhone series could now be delayed by several months. The trigger is, unsurprisingly, the spreading coronavirus. Apple, therefore, fears that the current situation would significantly reduce the interest and consequently the desire of customers to buy. A scenario that you want to avoid as much as possible with the first iPhone with 5G support.

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