Google Chrome Blocking Battery and Data Consuming Ads

Gadgety Gadgety Follow May 24, 2020 · 1 min read
Google Chrome Blocking Battery and Data Consuming Ads
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Google’s popular browser, Google Chrome is blocking battery and data consuming ads to save mobile battery and improve network usage and website speed. Chrome will delete all ads that consume its computing resources. Google said in a blog post that it will test the technology next month and implement it in Chrome in August. But Google has said it will only use such ads blocking tool on ads from bad advertisers. Google will take action against ads that consume more than 4 MB of network data and occupy the browser’s main computing process in 15 to 60 seconds. Such advertisers will also receive a notice to remove the ad.

Why is Google Blocking Such Ads?

Some ads are consuming a high amount of resources on the internet and the end-users’ browsers. Google has also found out that some of the ads are using users’ computing hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. This has lead to the misuse of resources and has added more pressure on the server and the client’s computer.

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Google’s new intervention policy will address issues that could damage the web by canceling website instructions. Many browsers are now using this method. Brave Browser blocks ads by default. Vivaldi has also given the option to block ads. Similarly, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla have also adopted various methods to block various ads that interfere with privacy by tracking online.

Google only targets bad ads that exceed their limitations. “Today, 0.3 percent of ads exceed this threshold,” Chrome’s program manager Marcel Valle wrote in a blog post. It consumes 27 percent of the network data and 28 percent of the CPU. Google offers advertisers a heavy ad to check if their ads work. Test sites are also provided.

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