GitHub Provides Free Services to All Developer Teams

Christina Christina Follow Jun 04, 2020 · 1 min read
GitHub Provides Free Services to All Developer Teams
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Popular software hosting and collaboration platform GitHub has announced that it has made its core features free for all users. The Microsoft-owned company said that it will provide unlimited collaborators as well as free private repositories for all.

GitHub will make these core features free of charge for everyone to use the team’s services for business projects. The company also told CI/CD that all services are free, with 2,000 minutes of free access per month on GitHub Action.

GitHub previous plans
Old GitHub pricing plans

Team users who want state-of-the-art features like Code Honor and Enterprise Feature support will have to upgrade to a paid plan. Those currently starting with a $4 per month plan will have to pay $21 per month to upgrade to an enterprise plan.

GitHub new plans
GitHub new pricing plans

According to GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, the move was part of GitHub’s plans and says that the offer is not limited to the current epidemic of COVID-19. Prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of the property, GitHub had been using the concept of free premium in the pricing modality of its services. But with the merger with Microsoft, the company has begun to increase the number of features in its free account.

GitHub is also shifting its pay for the privacy model to pay for feature models which are called freemium. GitHub currently has 40 million developers. The GitHub team predicts that this number will reach 100 million by 2025.

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